Do I have to submit a claim?

Federal law prohibits a moving company from voluntarily paying a claim unless a written claim is submitted for a specific or determinable amount.

How long do I have to submit a claim?

Federal law requires claims to be submitted within 9 months of the date the shipment was delivered. Please note that state laws may vary for local moves. Check your contract or your local department of transportation for more information.

Can I email or fax my claim?

Currently we are unable to process claims received via email or fax. We are required to use the US Postal Service date stamp to obtain the Start Date of your claim. In some cases we may ask for additional documentation via fax or email after we receive your original documentation.

How long does it take to process a claim

Federal law allows up to 120 days for a claim to be investigated and issue a written notice to either pay, decline or make a firm settlement offer. If the claim is not resolved within a 120 days, written notice must be sent to the claimant, and again at the expiration of each succeeding 60 days period with an update on the status of the claim and the reason for the delay . Most claims are resolved by Anthem Claim Management within 45-75 days of receipt.

How do I check the status of my claim?

Your claim will be acknowledged within 30 days of receipt. Please allow at least 30 days before checking the status of your claim. Updated may be obtained by calling our toll free number.

How will I be contacted about my claim?

If we have any questions or require additional information we will contact you via post or email. Once your claim is resolved you will be notified via first class mail. If you there is a settlement offer you will need to notarize and return the Settlement Release document.  If you claim is declined you may request another review or bring the case to arbitration.

How do I collect payment?

Once your Release and Settlement form is received by Anthem Claim Management, your moving company will issue a check to you directly. Anthem Claim Management does not issue checks.

My goods arrived late. Can I file a claim for that?

Anthem will address any Delayed Delivery claims with your mover. Typically the delivery window is calculated for the stipulated delivery window from the first date you were available to receive delivery of your shipment and does not include federal holidays. Compensation is usually based on the contractual per diem rate of compensation.

I packed my own boxes. Is the moving company responsible for damage to the contents?

The moving company is generally NOT liable for damage to goods that are packed by the owner (PBO).

What happens if I disagree with the moving companies offer?

If you disagree with the settlement offer or coverage decision, you may request that you file be re-reviewed or you may choose to arbitrate. Interstate moving carriers are required by federal law to have a neutral arbitration program in place in which neither party any special advantage.